The new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) places great emphasis on the approach of a school’s curriculum and its application.

The success of special schools is often related to the unique nature of the setting, the staff, its systems and its ethos. It is often difficult to capture these ‘hidden’ aspects of the curriculum but they are so often the critical factors for success. Our service will:

  • Critical reflection and review of curriculum model in operation assessing its substance being fit for purpose in relation to: intent-implementation – impact.
  • Advice and support on recommedations to improve and develop existing systems, or the implementation of new systems
  • Advise and support on how to best present evidence supporting those aspects of the curriculum that are difficult to quantify.

An initial consultation (up to an hour) is provided for free to assess your settings particular needs without any obligation to commit to services provided.

Please call 07803 406728 for further advice and information, or email