If you are looking for securing support in your child’s present school, or access a special school setting, the structure and content of your child’s EHCP is central to ensuring your child’s needs are identified and met.

(Please note: if you live in Wales this service is also applicable to Statements of SEN)

The accuracy of an EHCP is critical to your child’s future and could be their fundamental description of support up to the age of 25. Our service includes:

  • Paperwork review – reading through the existing plan, reports and additional documentation
  • Writing advised amendments to the plan
  • Advice on what would support the writing / amendment of a plan
  • Writing of letters to Local Authorities for assessment of needs, amendments to plan, school preference etc.
  • An initial consultation (up to an hour)is provided for free to assess your case and needs without any obligation to commit
    to services provided.

Please call 07803 406728 for further advice and information, or email advice@carpediemeducation.co.uk